St Lucia Housing Developments

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St Lucia Housing Developments

The Government of Saint Lucia continues to demonstrate commitment to fulfilling its mandate of improving the standard of living for all Saint Lucians. As such government is ensuring that all Saint Lucians are afforded the opportunity to own a piece of land in their home country. In that regard, a number of housing developments have commenced island-wide, the most recent being the Talvern Housing Development.

Officials of the National Housing Corporation (NHC) have informed that the Talvern Housing Development will help remedy unplanned development in the area and increase land ownership. Phase 1 of the project consists of 49 lots totaling to 280, 373 sq ft and Phase 2 consists of 39 lots totaling 146, 860 sq ft of land. Former Chairman of the National Housing Corporation, Timothy Mangal provided some insight into Phase 3 of the development at the sod turning ceremony.

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