Quality Tenants

Tenant placement

One of the best ways to ensure success with your rental unit is finding a great tenant.  Eliminating “the professional renters” from your pool of potential candidates sets you,  the property owner up for success.  We can do tenant placement for you.

Are You Looking for Great Tenants Who:

  • Pay the Rent on Time?
  • Respect Your Property and Your Home?
  • Respect You and How Much You Paid to Invest and Become a Landlord?
  • Will Stay Long-Term Producing a Long-Term Income Stream for You?

Our Team Will Make It Happen:
Our team of experienced experts will find you the tenants you need to make your Rental Property Investment a Success.

Our Methods:
Our team will do the most thorough tenant screening you can imagine.

This includes:

  • Detailed credit checks on all prospective tenants
  • Advanced Employment checks
  • Criminal background checks (as requested by the owner, if required)
  • Landlord and Tenant Board Past Eviction checks
  • Reference checks
  • Past landlord checks
  •  Investigations into the tenants background
  • One on one interviews

We will provide you with a complete tenant profile
We have excellent leases ready  and will do a thorough walk through and complete photographed inspection.

We are the Elite Tenant Screening Team
Beware of ‘double agents’  those who claim to understand the rental business while earning their money in other facets of the business.  You wouldn’t depend on a car salesman to repair your car, would you?  You also cannot depend on previous landlords to tell you the truth about their tenants, they are moving for a reason!  We are the team you need to ensure your rental property success!

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