Property Valuation Quantity Surveyors St Lucia

Our team of property valuation quantity surveyors are professionals who are members of the only recognized surveyors  institution in St Lucia “Institute of Surveyors St. Lucia Inc. ” We guarantee a professional surveying job at the best price possible.

Our Surveyors team consist of the best:

Valuation Surveyors

A valuation surveyor is instrumental in advising clients on the value of their property.

Land Surveyors

Realty St Lucia land surveyors would measure your property of interest whether it is sold or purchased. The surveyors would locate buildings, roads & utilities for real estate developers and mark their locations on the maps.

Quantity Surveyors

Our quantity surveyor (QS) main concerns are with construction cost and contracts. These services include: Planning and commercial management cost throughout the life cycle of your project from inception to post-completion.

Agriculture Surveyors

Building Surveyors

Project Management Surveyors

Every type of surveyor duties are different. Ensure that you hire the right surveyor in St Lucia to get your job done.

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