St Lucia Citizenship by Investment

st lucia citizenhip by investment

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Are you interested in St Lucia Citizenship by Investment? Or buying the St Lucia passport? Check out  the application process below, the passport costs and benefits of Buying St Lucia Passport.


The government of St. Lucia officially launched Saint Lucia’s Citizenship By Investment Program (CIP) on Tuesday 29th December 2015. The legislative platform to guide persons in the acquisition of citizenship by investment is the Citizenship by Investment Act No. 14 of 2015 and its accompanying regulations, Citizenship by Investment Regulations No.89 of 2015.

The purpose of the Citizenship by Investment Act No.14 of 2015 is to enable persons to acquire citizenship of Saint Lucia by registration following a qualifying investment in Saint Lucia. A qualifying investment under the Citizenship by Investment Programme shall satisfy at least a minimum investment in –


  • Main applicant must be at least eighteen years of age;
  • No criminal record;
  • Provide true and accurate information and documents;

Minimum investment of $300,000 into a government approved real estate project and a five-year holding after the granting of Saint Lucia citizenship


  1. Full Citizenship
    You and your family can enjoy full citizenship for life and enjoy free movement within the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States.
  2. Simple Documentation Requirements
  3. Affordable Investment- Real Estate
    Minimum investment of USD $300,000.
  4. Efficient Process
    Convenient. No interview required. Application processing time is generally between 3-6 months.
  5. Low Tax Country
    There is no tax applied on inheritance; divident; savings and income received overseas. Additionally, the Financial Sector (Offshore) provides additional tax benefits to individuals who want to operate within this
  6. No Residing Requirements
    There is no requirement for residing in Saint Lucia for any time period as part of the grant of Citizenship.
  7. Dual Citizenship
    Government of Saint Lucia recognizes and allows dual citizenship.

As citizens of Saint Lucia, you and your family are able to enjoy visa-free travel to 145 countries worldwide, including EU and Schengen countries, such as Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland; and British Commonwealth nations and Hong Kong, including United Kingdom, Singapore and with more countries adding to the list.


  • Anguilla *
  • Antigua & Barbuda *
  •  Argentina
  • Armenia
  • Aruba
  • Austria
  • Bahamas
  • Bangladesh
  • Barbados
  • Belgium
  • Belize
  • Benin
  • Bermuda
  • Bolivia [Visa on Arrival] ,
  • Lit Bonaire [30 days] ©
  • fc Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Botswana ©
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Hw Bulgaria [90 days] ©
  • Cambodia [Visa on Arrival]
  • S Cape Verde [Visa on Arrival] ©
  • © Caymand Islands
  • Chile x
  • Colombia
  • Comoros
  • Cook Islands
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia [90 days] —
  • £ Cuba [30 days]
  • Curacao [30 days]
  • Cyprus [90 days]
  • Czech Republic [90 days]
  • Denmark [90 days]Djibouti [Visa on Arrival]


    Ecuador [90 days]

    El Salvador Estonia [90 days]

    Faroe Island Fiji

    Finland [90 days]

    France [90 days]

    French Guiana [30 days]

    French Polynesia Gambia [90 days]

    Germany [90 days]

    Gibraltar Greece [90 days]

    Greenland [90 days]


    Guadeloupe [30 days](Fr.) Guatemala

    Guinea-Bissau [Visa on Arrival]



    Holy See (Vatican City) Honduras Hong Kong Hungary [90 days]

    Iceland [90 days]


    Iran [Visa on Arrival]

    Ireland [90 days]


    Italy [90 days]


  • £ Jordan [Visa on Arrival]0 Kenya Kiribati

    o Kosovo [90 days]

    O Laos [Visa on Arrival]

    X Latvia [90 days]

    X Lesotho

    9 Liechtenstein [90 days]

    V Lithuania [90 days]

    X Luxembourg [90 days]

    O Macau [Visa on Arrival]

    B Madagascar [Visa on Arrival] 9 Malawi # Malaysia [30 days] o Maldives [Visa on Arrival]

    ) Malta [90 days]

    Martinique [30 days] (Fr.)

    9 Mauritania [Visa on Arrival] 9 Mauritius [90 days]

    (» Mayotte

    Micronesia [30 days]

    <•> Moldova ^ Monaco [90 days]

    9 Monsterrat [30 days]

    9 Montenegro (A Mozambique [Visa on Arrival] Nepal [Visa on Arrival]

    X Netherlands [90 days]

    © New Caledonia X Nicaragua ■fc Niue [30 days]

    Norway [90 days]

    O Palau

    9 Palestinian Territory ^ Panama (*) Peru

    • Philippines [30 days]

    | Poland [90 days]

    o Portugal [90 days]

    • I Reunion
  • ) Romania [90 days]X Rwanda O Saba [30 days]

    9 Samoa (Western) [Visa on Arrival] ^ San Marino H Senegal

    Seychelles [Visa on Arrival]

    © Singapore [30 days]

    • Slovakia [90 days]

    9 Slovenia [90 days]

    Solomon Islands [Visa on Arrival] O Somalia [Visa on Arrival]

    South Korea X Spain [90 days]

    ® Sri Lanka [E-Visa]

    Q St. Eustatius [30 days]

    Q St. Helena [30 days]

    9 St. Kitts & Nevis 3 St. Maarten [30 days] v St. Vincent & the Grenadines

    • Suriname C3 Swaziland

    ( Sweden [90 days]

    O Switzerland [90 days]

    9 Taiwan [30 days]

    • Tanzania

    The Dominican Republic C£ Timor-Leste [30 days]

    0 Togo [Visa on Arrival]

    ,£j Tonga

    0 Trinidad &Tobagi © Tunisia

    • Turks & Caicos Islands 9 Tuvalu [Visa on Arrival]
    • j Uganda [E-Visa]

    0 United Kingdom 9 Vanuatu [90 days]

    • Venezuela [90 days]

    9 Zambia


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