Guide to Migrating to St Lucia

Upon entering the St Lucia, here is a comprehensive guide to migrating to Saint Lucia. A visitor is given a maximum of 6 weeks to remain on the island. Prior to the expiration of this deadline and/or in the event the visitor plans to stay longer, a further extension may be granted after an application is made to the Immigration Department. The extension granted will be discretionary, based on responses given in an interview conducted by an Immigration Officer.


Citizenship or permanent residence may be applied for, through the Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security, if a non-national is desirous of becoming a citizen or a permanent resident of Saint Lucia, after having resided in Saint Lucia for:

• (1) one to three (3) years, temporary residency

• (5) five years, in the case of permanent residence, or

• (7) seven years for citizenship.


Documents to be submitted include:

1. A completed application on prescribed form.

2. A bank statement (may be requested)

3. A police certificate of character.

4. An original birth certificate.

5. Four (4) passport size photographs with two (2) certified by a Justice of the Peace or local Lawyer.

6. A reference letter from a reputable person from the country of origin.

7. A letter stating date of arrival, purpose of visit, and the activities to be engaged in.

8. Clearance letter from the Inland Revenue Department

NB: The Minister for Home Affairs and National Security may also request additional information that is deemed necessary to process your application.



Type of Citizenship Cost in ECD$

Temporary Residency $1,050.00

Permanent Residency $2,550.00

Citizenship (CARICOM) $2,050.00

Citizenship (Commonwealth) $3,050.00

Citizenship (Non-CARICOM & Non Commonwealth) $5,050.00

Replacement certificate $50.00



Foreign nationals intending to visit Saint Lucia for business, pleasure or study are required to have a valid passport from their country as well as to obtain a Saint Lucian visa. The Immigration Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security is responsible for the issuance of Saint Lucian Visas.

Immigration Department, Visa Office

Telephone: (758) 456 3825 (758) 456 3825

Facsimile: (758) 456 3823

Email: [email protected]

Saint Lucian Visas may also be obtained through the various Saint Lucian missions abroad (see listing below). Visa fees are non-refundable and subject to change without notice.


Single Entry

• Valid for three months

• Cost $125 EC

• Processing of application takes minimum 5 working days, once the application is complete

Multiple entries

• Ideal for business persons and students

• Valid for up to one year

• Cost $ 190 EC

• Processing of application takes minimum 5 working days, once the application is complete

St Lucia Visa Application Requirement

• Completed application form

• Two certified passport size photographs

• A valid passport for up to six months

• A return ticket to port of origin

• Copy of travel itinerary

• Proof of hotel/private accommodation

• Letter of invitation (if invited by friend or relative) or Admission letter (if student)

Please see the requirements and prescribed visa form here.


An extension may be requested by application to the Immigration department. The extension granted is discretionary based on the provision of required documents and responses given in an interview conducted by an Immigration Officer. The operating hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 12 noon and 1:30pm to 3pm.

Requirement for Extension of Stay in St Lucia

• Return ticket

• One passport size photo

• Valid passport

• Receipt of payment or Host person

Please note the following

• Cost $200 EC for each 30 day extension.

• The request for an extension should be made to the immigration office prior to the expiration of time allowed in Saint Lucia.

• Decisions are made at the time of the interview.

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