Buying Real Estate In St Lucia

Title Insurance In St Lucia

Title Insurance In St Lucia When Purchasing Property

Title Insurance In St Lucia When Purchasing Property No, you do not need Title Insurance In St Lucia when purchasing property. Title insurance is not the subject of legislation in St. Lucia and it is therefore not mandatory.  Further, it has not been the practice in St. Lucia for purchasers of property to buy title insurance.  The island of Saint Lucia has  a well operated system of registration of...

sugar beach st lucia real estate

Sugar Beach St Lucia Real Estate

Sugar Beach St Lucia Real Estate Once you step foot on Sugar Beach St Lucia Real estate resort, you won’t really want to leave. Set amongst nature sounds of hummingbirds, Sugar beach resort is located in the valley of Pitons Mountain and has its own claw-foot tubs and terraces.  Enjoy great views and take in the cool ocean breeze. Sugar Beach resort is spread across more than 100 acres of tropical...

Moving to Saint Lucia

Moving to Saint Lucia, LC Caribbean

Moving to Saint Lucia Caribbean? 10 Reasons Why You Should – A Complete Guide to Living in St Lucia Are you thing of moving to Saint Lucia Caribbean? Why in the world would anyone choose to move to this hot & sunny Caribbean Island? If you are considering relocating or moving to St Lucia Caribbean in the near future, ensure that you read this article first! After all, you need to know what you...

Alien Landholding (Licensing) Act. No 1 of 2020

Alien Landholding (Licensing) Act. No 1 of 2020

The Government of St Lucia is very committed in encouraging investment in Saint Lucia. On 12th March 2020 the government passed a New Alien Landholding (Licensing) Act No 1 of 2020. This was done in an effort to expedite the Alien Landholding license process. The Aliens Licence Process is now 3 tiered  as follows: Alien Certificate of Eligibility Aliens Licence Application Aliens Investor...

Cabot Golf Real Estate St Lucia

Cabot Saint Lucia Real Estate

This stunning property in Saint Lucia hosts Cabot’s third golf course and second resort in its rapidly expanding portfolio of world class properties and courses. Consistent with the success of the highly decorated Cabot Links Resort in Nova Scotia, Canada, Cabot Saint Lucia offers spectacular golf, jaw-dropping natural beauty, and an incredible member and guest experience Cabot Saint Lucia Real...

2020 smart home report

New 2020 Report Shows that Building New Smart Home is Cheaper and Healthier than Buying an Old Home!

2020 Smart Home Report Smart Homes are residential homes that are built with materials, systems, ad technologies that are good for environment, the people who will inhabit them, and the bottom line... Avoid Some Costs Associated With New Constructions By cutting out the middle men in the process, and working with land-owners to create mutually-beneficial land-terms, Smart Home Development saves the...

first-time st lucia home buyers

First-Time Home Buyers are saving thousands on the cost of homes by Building Smart Homes!

First-Time St Lucia Home Buyers Alot is changing in St Lucia Real Estate. Around the Caribbean, First-Time St Lucia Home Buyers and Caribbean people are turning to non-traditional means of obtaining the home of their dreams. Building a Smart Home may be the most economical option for first time buyers. What do you dream of building? By choosing to build Custom Smart Homes, first time home buyers in...

27 acre Beach Front Property for Sale in St. Lucia -Micha Landers & Kent Adonai

A 27 acre Beach Front Property for Sale in St. Lucia

27 acre Beach Front Property for Sale in St. Lucia CLICK HERE FOR PROPERTY DETAILS Touring 27 Acre Estate beach  front property for sale in Soufriere St Lucia with Kent Adonai who inherited Lord Glenconner’s estate which is now listed for USD$29M. See link below for property pricing and details Just...

St Lucia IBC Amendment 2018 - 2021

Overview of Proposed IBC Act amendments 2019

Saint Lucia IFC - Update: Overview of Proposed IBC Act amendments 2019 Some of the key effects of the IBC Act amendments which were debated in Parliament on 20 November 2018 (together with the contemporaneous amendments to be made to the Income Tax Act) will be as follows: IBC incorporations under current law will cease as of November 30, 2018. IBC incorporations when the amendments take effect...

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