2020 smart home report

New 2020 Report Shows that Building New Smart Home is Cheaper and Healthier than Buying an Old Home!

2020 Smart Home Report Smart Homes are residential homes that are built with materials, systems, ad technologies that are good for environment, the people who will inhabit them, and the bottom line... Avoid Some Costs Associated With New Constructions By cutting out the middle men in the process, and working with land-owners to create mutually-beneficial land-terms, Smart Home Development saves the...

first-time st lucia home buyers

First-Time Home Buyers are saving thousands on the cost of homes by Building Smart Homes!

First-Time St Lucia Home Buyers Alot is changing in St Lucia Real Estate. Around the Caribbean, First-Time St Lucia Home Buyers and Caribbean people are turning to non-traditional means of obtaining the home of their dreams. Building a Smart Home may be the most economical option for first time buyers. What do you dream of building? By choosing to build Custom Smart Homes, first time home buyers in...

troumassee Estate Saint Lucia

Troumassee Estate Saint Lucia

Troumassee Estate Saint Lucia Troumassee Estate Saint Lucia is located in Micoud and has over 1000 acres land  on the eastern side of Saint Lucia near the Atlantic Ocean coast. Troumassee Estate has a colorful British and French 300 year history of sugar cane and banana production. Troumassee Estate is privately owned and managed with careful ECO planning for agriculture, residential and touristic...

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