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Returning Residents Information St Lucia

Returning Residents Information St Lucia

The government of Saint Lucia have introduced a number of procedures and mechanisms aimed at smoothly facilitating the re-entry and resettlement processes for St Lucian nationals and their families living abroad, who wish to return home to retire, work or invest. The Ministry of External Affairs of Saint Lucia is the department that serves as […]

St Lucia Non-Immigrant Visa Application

Apply for Saint Lucia Non-Immigrant Visa Some foreign nationals visiting Saint Lucia for business, pleasure or study are required to have a valid passport from their country and to obtain a valid Saint Lucian visa. Persons would need to contact the offices of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force via Email: immigration@rslpf.com . The process […]

Advice on Understanding the Comparative Market Analysis

Advice on Understanding the Comparative Market Analysis

Deciding to move isn’t a step anyone takes lightly. Your house is more than just an investment, it is your home. As you begin the process of distancing yourself from the place where you made so many lasting memories you will begin to think about what your home will be worth to someone else. When […]

St Lucia House selling tips

Realty St. Lucia tips for selling your Home Spend as little as you can to give your house curb appeal.         Remove pictures of the family – You want the buyer to see the house as their own and not wonder what kind of people live here.         Take away pieces of furniture to make the […]

Home Viewing Guide in St Lucia

Home Viewing Guide in St Lucia checklist Take a look at Realty St Lucia quick guide below on what to watch out for when you view a home. Outside of the property         What is it like compared to the neighbours?         What is the property age?         What is the structural condition?         What sort […]

St Lucia Home Inspection Checklist

St Lucia Home inspections checklist The inspector should be a qualified inspector, however in St Lucia individuals would have their contractor do it for them. Whichever you choose ensure that your St Lucia home inspector look at everything from the roof to the foundation checking all the  structures possible. Get an inspection done as soon […]

St Lucia Property Title Searches – why should you do them?

St Lucia Property Title searches are performed at the Land Registry in Castries and should be done by your lawyer or yourself. Some basic checks needed in St Lucia when purchasing property: Land and title searches checklist Does the vendor have a right to sell the property? Make sure the description of the property matches the […]

Law of Agency – Agency Law St Lucia

Law of Agency – Agency Law St Lucia Delegating your legal authority is called “agency”. A principal gives her authority (rights) to anagent. Qui facit per alium facit per se: he who acts through another acts himself. The proposed agent must accept theprincipal‘s offer to act as an agent; that’s the agency contract and it […]