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The government of Saint Lucia have introduced a number of procedures and mechanisms aimed at smoothly facilitating the re-entry and resettlement processes for St Lucian nationals and their families living abroad, who wish to return home to retire, work or invest.

The Ministry of External Affairs of Saint Lucia is the department that serves as the  focal point for the facilitation of assistance to Returning Residents through the transmission of information to and from overseas based St Lucians.

Who Qualifies As A Returning National?

In order to qualify for Returning Resident status in Saint Lucia and benefit from concessions on
personal and household effects and tools of trade, the following requirements must
be met:

  • You must be a St Lucian by birth and is eighteen years and above, returning to Saint Lucia to settle after a minimum of ten years residence abroad;
  • You must be citizen of Saint Lucia by descent and is eighteen years and above who is coming to Saint Lucia to settle, after a minimum of ten years residence abroad; or
  • If you are an alien spouse of a citizen of Saint Lucia by birth or descent, coming to Saint Lucia to settle, after a minimum of ten years residence abroad.

Who Would NOT Qualify As A Returning National?

A returning national who during the ten year period immediately preceding his taking up residence in St. Lucia, has visited and stayed in St. Lucia for a consecutive period of more than six months on more than two occasions, does not qualify for exemptions.

The eligibility to receive concessions as a Returning National is determined by the St Lucia Customs Department. This must be sought after arrival in St Lucia, and before beginning the process of clearance of personal and household effects and tools of trade.

It is necessary to attend an interview at the Returning Residents Unit of the Customs & Excise Department Head Office on Jeremie St.  Castries.

What Documents do I need to Present To Customs?

  • Valid St Lucian passport; if recently issued, expired passport must also be presented.
  • Valid non-St Lucian passport which should be endorsed with an unconditional landing stamp by the St Lucia Boarder Control Unit.
  • Documentary evidence to substantiate residence outside of St Lucia for more than 10 years, and have NOT stayed in St. Lucia for a consecutive period of more than six months on more than two occasions.
  • Documentary evidence to substantiate intention to re-establish permanent residence in St Lucia.

Documentary Evidence May Include The Following, but is not limited to:


    • Notarized Letter of Separation from employer
    • Tax returns for the last ten (10) years
    • Evidence of bills
    • Copy of Retirement Papers/ Pension Advice
    • Proof of recent disposal of property (for example, sale agreement)


What Do I Present On Arrival At St Lucia Airport

On arrival in St. Lucia the returning national will be required to undertake an interview with Customs with regard to his/ her claim for concession. At that interview he will be required to produce all evidence to justify his claims.

Based on the information provided, where Customs is satisfied that the national qualifies, an ‘up front’ security deposit will be held pending Customs examination of the goods outside the port. This deposit will not be necessary where the examination of the goods takes place within the port of arrival of the goods.

The security deposit payable would be equivalent to at least the final duties payable on the goods imported.

All expenses that accrue to the examination of goods outside the limits of a port will be borne by the returning national. That includes the providing of transportation for Customs personal and examination fees.

Where after examination by Customs and the subsequent finalization of the Customs Entry, the total duties payable is less than the deposit collected from the national, the difference will be refunded to the national.

Where the deposit collected is less that the total duties payable, the national will pay the difference
to the Comptroller of Customs.

A returning national will have to subscribe to a declaration with regard to the claim for concessions on the goods imported by him. False declarations are punishable under the provisions of the Customs Control and Management Act with fines and imprisonment or both.

List of Items that can be Imported by a Returning National

Importation of Motor Vehicle

A returning resident may import one motor vehicle whether new or used with a CIF value (Cost Insurance Freight) of not more than USD$30,000.00 or EC$81,507.00 free of customs duty providing that

    • The returning resident arrives accompanied by the motor vehicle or
    • The vehicle arrives within three months before or after the arrival of the returning national or
    • is purchased in Saint Lucia by the returning national within three months of his or her return to Saint Lucia.

NB: If the CIF value of a motor vehicle imported under this concession exceeds USD$30,000.00 or EC$81,507.00, the full customs duties will be payable on the excess amount.

The following is a list of items and quantities that can be imported by a returning national (whether new or used) to adequately furnish his or her family residence:

Quantity and Description

Living RoomDining Room
» 1 Couch
» 2 Television Sets
» 1 Video Recorder/DVD Player
» 1 Component Set including Compact Disc Player
» 3 Portable Radios/Tape recorders
» 4 Telephones
» 1 Telephone answering machine
» 1 Video camera/camcorder
» 1 Living room suite
» 3 Lamps
» 1 Dining room set (table and chairs)
» 1 Liquor trolley
» 4 End tables
» 1 Coffee table
» 1 Curio display cabinet
» 1 Microwave oven
» 1 Stove (gas or electric)
» Dishwasher
» 1 Refrigerator
» 1 Washing machine
» 1 Dryer
» 1 Kitchen table
» 6 Stools/chairs
» 1 Deep fridge/freezer
» Kitchen ladder (step ladder)
» Kitchen cabinets
» Pots and pans
» Electric kettle
» Stove top kettle
» Cutlery
» Chinaware
» Crystal
» 1 Electric can opener
» 1 Kitchen scale
» 1 Electric knife
» 1 Electric juicer
» 1 Electric kitchen saw
» 1 Toaster
» 1 Toaster oven
» 1 Pressure cooker
» 1 Blender
» 1 Food processor
» 1 Coffee maker
» 1 Percolator
» 1 Canister set
» 2 Canister sets
» 1 Hot plate
» Other small electrical appliances
for domestic use
» 4 Beds/mattresses
» 4 Dressers
» 4 Chest of drawers
» 4 Bedside tables
» 8 Bedroom chairs
» 4 Wardrobes
» 4 Lamps for bedside tables
» 4 Lamps for dressers
» 1 Sofa bed
» 1 Baby crib
» 1 Play pen
» 4 Clothes hampers
» 2 Shelf units (bathroom)
Other Items
» 1 Patio set
» 6 Verandah chairs
» 4 Lounge chairs
» 4 Wall clocks
» 2 Ironing boards
» 1 Sewing machine
» Surge protectors
» 2 Desks
» 2 Chairs
» 4 Book cases
» 1 Typewriter and stand
» 1 Safes
» 2 Personal computers and computer
» 2 Printers and printer stands
» 2 Recliners
» 1 Fax machine
» 1 Lawn mower
» 1 Generator
» 1 Barbeque grill
» 1 water pump
» 1 Ladder
» Exercise equipment for home use
» Garden tools

» Household repair tools
» Weed wacker
» Carpets and carpet under layer
» Drapes
» Blinds
» Household linen
» Musical instruments
» 1 Floor polisher
» 2 Vacuum cleaners
» 6 Fans
» 6 Mirrors
» 6 Rugs
» All Wall paintings
» 2 Chandelier
» 1 High chair
» 2 Rocking chairs
» 1 Aquarium
» 2 Clothes iron
» 1 Hair dryer (with hood)
» 2 Blow dryers (hand held)
» 1 Water tank
» 1 Laptop computer
» 2 Bathroom scales

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