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St Lucia House selling tips

Realty St. Lucia tips for selling your Home

Spend as little as you can to give your house curb appeal.

  •         Remove pictures of the family – You want the buyer to see the house as their own and not wonder what kind of people live here.
  •         Take away pieces of furniture to make the house appear larger.
  •         Add flowers or a fruit bowl to ensure a designer look.
  •         Brighten up dark rooms with well-placed lighting.

  •         Use mirrors to make rooms appear larger.
  •         Clean before each visit.
  •         Have the grass cut, flowerbeds weeded, bushes trimmed etc and the pavement out side swept.
  •         Check that the roof is clean and has all its roof tiles intact.
  •         Repair small diy jobs.
  •         Don’t think of the house as yours put yourself in the position of the buyers.
  •         Make sure items in wardrooms, presses and drawers are neat because people will look inside.
  •         Store items you don’t need so you declutter before visits.
  •         Think about removing items that you plan to take with you.
  •         Paint walls that look tired and think about using neutral colors.
  •         Don’t cook food close to viewings, as food odours won’t be appealing.




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