• Buying A House In St Lucia?

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Realty St. Lucia Buyers Advantage

Buying a house in St Lucia requires expert advice and assistance as well as the right tools to make an intelligent decision. We execute this at Realty St. Lucia through our trained team of professional agents who are very knowledgeable of the St Lucian real estate market.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Access to more than one of our preferred vendors
  • Our agents will accompany you while viewing the Property.
  • Assistance with preparing, negotiating, and reviewing the terms and provisions of a written offer to purchase and contract for sale.
  • Coordinate and assist in scheduling inspections, surveys, mortgage applications, and all other matters related to the closing of the transaction.
  • Assistance from our associates in home designs
  • Assistance with finding the right Valuators, contractors and property managers

Realty St. Lucia Sellers Advantage

Every property owner wants the highest possible price at the quickest time possible for their property. This can be a very demanding and time consuming process. Realty St. Lucia estate agents will guide you through the home selling process and advice on how to get the highest possible price.

Our client benefit from:

  • Our proven sales record
  • Realty St. Lucia pays for promoting your property
  • Advise on the true market value of the Property and the appropriate recommended Listing Price
  • Advise on the best attorney to handle your transaction
  • Advise on preparing the Property for showing
  • Coordinate and assist in the scheduling of all showings of the Property and be personally present.
  • Negotiate and/or review on all terms and provisions of all written offers and counteroffers.
  • Assist on all matters related to the closing of the transaction