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Leasing of Saint Lucia’s Queen’s Chain

Leasing of Saint Lucia’s Queen’s Chain

St Lucia Queen’s Chain is considered to be about 186.5 feet between the shoreline and land. A property developer can only lease the Queens Chain and Cabinet will only consider based on the following :

  1. The property developer has already bought or is in possession of the property.
  2. Provide evidence of an Agreement for Sale and St Lucia Cabinet could then, on that basis, agree in principle for favorable consideration be  given to the developer.

How did Queen’s Chain come about?

Hundreds of years ago the King of France gave a decision in a legal dispute between two inhabitants of Guadeloupe on the subject of the King’s Chain. The King or Queen’s Chain (whoever in reigning at the time) is that expanse of land running 186.5 feet inland from the high water mark.

In the settlement of St. Lucia there was always reserved a strip of land around the island to
enable the establishment of towns, parishes, forts, entrenchments, batteries and other
public and necessary works, as much for decoration as for defense.

In the areas where towns, fortresses and batteries were established, it served for that use. In the rest of the island the owners of the land above it obtained from the Lords, Governors and Stewards of
the King, permission to clear the lands, which enabled them to procure facilities for the exploitation of their plantations. It was always the understanding that those lands, which came to be called the King’s or Queen’s Chain, according to the gender of the reigning monarch, could be reclaimed when needed for the service of the King, Queen or the public.

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