St Lucia Home Inspection Checklist

St Lucia Home inspections checklist

The inspector should be a qualified inspector, however in St Lucia individuals would have their contractor do it for them. Whichever you choose ensure that your St Lucia home inspector look at everything from the roof to the foundation checking all the  structures possible.

Get an inspection done as soon as an offer has been accepted. Meet with more than one inspector.

Popular Home inspections questions to ask.

  •         Find out their qualifications?
  •         Are you a member of any professional organization?
  •         Is this your full time job?
  •         Do you have public liability insurance?
  •         What is included in the inspection?
  •         How many properties have you inspected in the last year?
  •         How long will you spend doing the inspection?
  •         Can I come to the inspection?
  •         Can I have some references? It is good to check if the inspector had missed anything that they discovered after they moved into the property.
  •         Can I see a sample of one of your reports?

Choose only experienced people to inspect the house.

If you are taking a mortgage in St Lucia to buy property, most banks would have their trusted inspectors that they may

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